50 million Americans eat fast food every day. If half of these orders include drinks, that equals over 9 billion cups every year! This means approximately 117,000,000 kilograms of waste are produced from cups annually. Do your part to reduce waste by purchasing a reusable Recup.


A drink cup has a useful life of approximately 1 hour. A Recup is an Earth-friendly product that allows consumers to use the same cup at many different restaurants many times. Along with helping the environment, many businesses also offer a discount for using your Recup, meaning it's a product that pays for itself!


The Recup is made from FDA approved plastic, and is 100% recyclable. It's also dishwasher safe, so it can be used over and over. Nothing lasts forever, though, and if your Recup ever becomes unusable, simply place it in your recycling bin and order a new one.

Environmentalism. Everyone's responsibility.

Help do your part saving the Earth. Through the simple act of using a Recup you are doing your part to help out on a big problem. Don't stop here though. Reusable grocery bags are another great way to reduce waste. Every little bit helps.

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Earn money back. It pays for itself!

Participating stores may offer a discount to patrons using the Recup. By using the Recup stores purchase fewer cups of their own, and these savings are passed on to you! Even with a discount as small as 5¢, you can earn your money back in no time!

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